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Walk in showers with a bidet

The configurations of your showering space offer plenty of flexible solutions, as there is a plethora of options to choose from. The ultimate luxury is to go for two separate zones if space allows, or – if you’ve decided to omit including a bath in order to create room – to opt for a spacious single zone that can still be large enough for two.

You need to decide whether you want a wetroom walk-in-style shower, which adds to the feeling of space, or if you want an enclosed shower creating a home spa element to the bathroom. Because of the size of the shower in a double bathroom it’s possible for it to become  a key feature

For those with smaller bathrooms where a freestanding bath simply isn’t an option, a walk-in shower offers a great choice for practicality. You can opt for a generously sized shower head with a rainfall function that can be used for two, whether mounted flush to the ceiling or used with shower arms for a lowered effect.

With a walk in shower, you  can also enclose a bidet in there too, with something like the Geberit AquaClean. This product combines the timeless elegance of its floating design with the highest quality materials. Itis defined by high quality, soft lines and slowing transitions. At the same time the luxurious shower toilet pampers you with perfect comfort thanks to the unique WhirlSpray technology and many other innovative features.

It is worth ensuring that a shared showering space works for everyone at the planning stage. It’s worth investing in it so that it stands the test of time and works for the entire family. This may involve future-proofing with a walk-in shower and low-level trays that offer a practical solution across multi-generations.