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Playground Equipment

Many forms of playground equipment feature collaborative elements. This means children are forced to work together, either to be able to make movable elements work or to be able to cross the trim trail.

Play is vital to children’s well-being and development through their formative years. It is instinctive to them and helps them to develop a sense of risk, improves their confidence and self-esteem and teaches them how to socialise. Play also has wider societal benefits; it helps to tackle child and adult obesity, it builds cohesive communities, breaks down social barriers and contributes towards a healthy society.

When shopping for climbing playground equipment, be sure to buy equipment with holes that are large enough for children to remove arms, legs, and hands with no difficulty. No matter how important you know the provision of play equipment to be, having no funds means no playground! What's your favourite type of playground equipment? Personally I'm a big fan of monkey bars. Monkey bars aren't just great playground equipment, they are a fun and great way to improve your posture and strength too.

In well-designed and located play spaces children can enjoy all the freedom, fun, sociability and the thrills and spills associated with playing. By protecting space for play we demonstrate that children’s play matters.

Five percent of children in the UK are disabled and many of these find themselves excluded from outdoor play activities because school playgrounds are not designed with inclusion in mind.

Providing freely-accessible public play spaces in our communities is one of the important ways we recognise and support children’s right to play.

Just because an obstacle course looks exciting or a tropical island-themed playset inspires your inner child, doesn’t guarantee your children will share your enthusiasm. 

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