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Business Understanding

One by one the lights went out. One by one the shoppers left the toy 
department of the store. One by one the clerks rode down in the
elevators. At last all was still and quiet and dark--that is, all dark
except for a small light, so the night-watchman could see his way

"Now we can have some fun!" cried a voice, and it seemed to come from
a Calico Clown, lying down in a box next to a Bold Tin Soldier. "Now
we can really be ourselves, and talk and move about."

"We can, if we are sure there is no one to watch us," bleated a Lamb
on Wheels, who stood on the floor near a White Rocking Horse. "You
know, as well as I do, Calico Clown, that we cannot do as we please if
there are any eyes watching us," said the Lamb.

"No one can see us," said the Bold Tin Soldier. "I am glad the clerks
and shoppers are gone. It will be some time before the watchman comes
up here, and my men and I will be glad to move about. All ready
there!" he called to his soldiers, for he was captain over a brave
company of tin warriors. "Attention! Stand up straight and get ready
to march! You have been in your box all day, and now it is time to
come out!"

It was true; the Bold Tin Soldier and his men had been in a box on the
toy counter all day. For, as you have been told, the playthings cannot
make believe come to life nor move about when any human eyes are
watching them. They must wait until they are alone, which is generally
after dark. That is why you have never seen your doll or your rocking
horse moving about by itself.

But now, in the toy store, from which every one had gone, some strange
things happened. The Calico Clown stood up near the Candy Rabbit and
looked about. Then the Calico Clown banged together the shiny brass
cymbals he held in his hands.