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Business Understanding

Come up with ways to get your audience involved maybe through storytelling for business. It’s the foundation of how companies communicate who they are in the world and what they stand for. In the future, customers will have an increasingly important role in credible storytelling. You want your audience to understand your vision and a consistent brand story will do this. While the bar has certainly been raised over the years, the result of good visual storytelling has remained the same: a captive audience, fully engaged right from the start and eager to hear how the story ends.

This is why more businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of storytelling. Make sure your brand is consistent across all communication channels. Rather than simply tacking on visual media and features, marketers should consider tweaking the strategy behind what they’re already using. You need to be consistent when speaking about your brand. A good brand can inspire trust between your business and customers, employees, and suppliers. Most humans are more receptive to stories than compared to facts or data as stories help us relate, empathise and remember.

It needs to get vulnerable, real, and drop the perfect endings. It can often be found in webinars, sales pitches, various presentations, and even more static occurrences, like landing pages and infographics. You don’t need a special talent to craft your own business story. Include only the really important details, and get to the point quickly. As a sales and marketing leader, you can use stories to better engage your audience and increase your bottom line.

Structure is the glue that holds a story together and the basis on which to improvise with style and sparkle. Every business has a good story - storytelling in business is the way to get your story out there. As you replay it in your mind, your brain works hard to trigger the old, familiar emotional responses whilst releasing the requisite hormones: cortisol for the tense or scary bits, oxytocin when something cute or affectionate happens, and dopamine at the happy ending.
The power of storytelling is well known and is all around us in our everyday lives. When done well, business storytelling gives a compelling reason for consumers to buy from you.

I love that storytelling is experiencing a “corporate Renaissance” across business, social media, social entrepreneurism, and executive communications. Your business story should be engaging.  We remember stories better than other types of information, such as data and facts, because stories are more engaging.